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Wangchen Jackie Chan, Wang Cheng-feng, this is the greatest expectations of each parent of the child, and each family's education is also different to treat their children. Some go with the flow, let the child free play; some are eager child eager, demanding of their children.
Xiao Ming and Wang are at the same table, their parents treat their studies have different practices. Xiao-Ming achievements are excellent, parents want him to have a good future, so he was very young to learn, can not have the slightest error; Wang performance is not very good, although the parents are disappointed, but his parents still encouraged his studies. A test, Xiao Ming test out of the points, the parents are very happy, kissed Xiao Ming, let him take the next full score; Wang did not pass the test, the parents are angry, playing a slap in the king, let him take a good point the next test. Wait until the next test, Xiao Ming did not test to the perfect score, the parents beat him a slap in the face, and the Wang scores increased, the parents of his one!
Two pairs of parents to treat their children's achievements in different practices, we can see the different manifestations of contemporary education. As the saying goes, "the golden rule of a good person," this idea is not all right, too much of the parents of their children on academic rigor, will eventually be counterproductive, will only make children tired of learning, if the parents of children a little more care, encouragement, greetings, On the heavy school after the children is a good comfort, after all, each parent is coming from the child stage, have had the same feeling! This cartoon first points to the family education, meaning love and punishment and its function. In my opinion, the two are not the right hand, and two kisses are right. Careful analysis, 100 points to get the kiss is a high score earned, is love, but the content of love is relatively simple, so 98 points will have to suffer a slap in the face; 55 minutes of the hand is wrong, parents rude, but 61 points Kiss special warm, rich content of love, affection, there is encouragement, tolerance and wait. From the effect, 98 children suffer from the palm of the hand may be cautious, learning mentality has been greatly damaged, will enter the more rigid state of mechanical learning, and may even create the spirit is suppressed, the next test into 90 points or even lower Are possible. But the kiss can be 61 points to become a driving force to form a positive spirit, the child's psychology will be in a more relaxed and healthy state of health, the future may have a good development, the next test scores will be higher almost Is certain.

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